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2016 featured homes

Foursquare Prairie |   204 W 52nd St., kansas City, MO

Owners: Butch and Christy Rigby
Florist: Randy Neal Flowers

Foursquare Prairie-style home that was built in 1910. Homeowners have lived in the home for the past 9 years and were married in the beautiful front lawn in 2015. Home was renovated in 2007/2008 by Mr. Rigby's own crew that renovates historic buildings and décor by Mrs. Rigby herself.




Mid-Century Modern  |  6508 Aberdeen, mission hills, ks 66208

Owners: David and Mary Schulte
Florist: Beco Flowers

Mid-Century modern style home with classical elements was built in 1967. New to the home of just over a year. Total remodel of the home started in May of 2014 and completed in December of 2015 by architects Rick McDermott and Matt Lero of RDM Architecture, along with decorator Jill Rice.




georgian Colonial    |  1025 W 58th St., kansas city, mo

Owners: Mike & Kathleen Callahan
Florist: Craig Sole Designs

A Georgian Colonial Style home built in 1917 by J.C. Nichols and designed by Fred H. Michaelis. Most recent remodeling was completed in 2013.


Traditional Colonial|  2040 W 59th St., Mission Hills, KS

Optimized-2040 W 59th St-Exterior-Yeast-1 (1).jpg

Owners: John and Barbara Yeast
Florist: The Little Flower Shop

Colonial style home built in 1949 to the homeowners of 25 years. Newly updated in 2015 by homeowner who is also the interior designer. Home includes many of her beautiful antique prints that she collects and her own traditional decorating.


Homes Tour Tickets $25

Tickets will be mailed out to all active Kansas City Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni with return envelope for prompt payment.
Tickets will also be available at Hen House locations in late October /Early November. 
Tickets are available for purchase at each home during tour hours.


Groups of 20 or more, please contact Sarah Wehmann.